The existing intersection at 130th Street and Torrence Avenue serves as on-grade railroad crossing that causes delays and traffic congestion. Benesch has redesigned the intersection by lowering the road grade, permitting train traffic to be elevated and allowing vehicle traffic to flow freely on grade. Retaining walls and new road alignment were introduced to accommodate the design.

TERRA developed a landscape plan in the right-of-way (ROW) of Torrence, 130th and South Brainard Avenue. Planting was introduced along environmental walls, retaining walls and parkway boulevards.
A mixed-use path for bicycle and pedestrian from South Brainard and adjacent South Torrence was designed to accommodate trees, shrubs and perennials, providing year-round interest. Wide, landscaped roadway medians were introduced, offering a visual separation of traffic.

At the intersection of South Torrence and East 130th, the four open landscape spaces provide a natural buffer to adjacent residences and reduce the impact of the retaining walls. This was accomplished by introducing tree masses and plantings on the sloped terraces.

To date, the project has been closely coordinated with CDOT and the Mayor’s office.