TERRA provided construction plans and specifications for a sidewalk reconstruction project located at 900 N. Michigan Avenue and adjacent street resurfacing along Michigan Avenue, E. Walton Street and E. Delaware Street.

An existing terrazzo stone topped sidewalk located adjacent to the 900 N. Michigan Ave. building was routinely breaking apart due to weather conditions and under constant repair maintenance. Urban Retail Properties, LLC decided to remove and replace the terrazzo topped sidewalk with a concrete sidewalk.

TERRA Engineering first evaluated and assessed the existing sidewalk slopes and determined that the sidewalks did not meet either the current Illinois Accessibility Code (IAC) or City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) accessibility standards.

TERRA’s challenge was to design both an IAC and CDOT compliant sidewalk while maintaining the existing finished floor elevation of the building at existing exterior door locations. The design also required maximization of the usable sidewalk frontage along the building face for future tenants who may need an exterior door. This maximization was made possible by maintaining the exterior sidewalk elevation along the face of building at the existing finished floor elevation for the maximum extent possible. Another challenge was to coordinate the raising of the roof section of an existing ComEd concrete vault by 1-1/2 inches to comply with current CDOT cross-slope standards.

TERRA met these challenges with an IAC and CDOT compliant design that removed and replaced approximately 15,000 square feet of sidewalk with adjacent curb and gutter, resurfaced three adjacent streets, removed and replaced four CDOT curb ramps, maintained existing door locations and elevations, and maximized the future usable sidewalk frontage.


Urban Retail Properties, LLC