TERRA provided the civil and landscaping design for an existing school building situated on a 0.94-acre site north east of South Cornell Avenue. Two new buildings were constructed. The Phase I building is located south of the existing building with a courtyard between the two buildings and new building linking the east end.

A new parking layout was provided south and west of the Phase I addition. TERRA provided the construction documents for the new addition, as well as the new parking area. Documents included dimensional layout, grading and drainage, stormwater detention calculations and design, utility connections, landscape plan and schedule, and civil/landscape details.

A new phase II Akiba – Schechter School aligns with the new phase I building and is located directly east. A play area with a porous resilient surface is located north of the phase II addition to the school. Trees, shrubs and ground covers were provided in Phase I courtyard and Phase II play area as well as throughout the site.


John Ronan Architect