TERRA Engineering, Ltd. (TERRA) provided the survey, site, and utility design for
the Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility (APCF) building at Argonne National
Laboratory (ANL). The APCF building is a laboratory and research building
connected to the Advanced Photon Source on the ANL campus.

TERRA’s site utility design included two lift stations. The lift stations were designed
to service lab and sanitary waste flow from the APCF building. In addition, the
lab and sanitary lift stations were designed to accommodate future flow and
connections. Careful consideration was made in the design of the lab waste lift
station and piping as the lab waste’s pH will be strongly acidic at times. TERRA
designed the lab waste lift station to accommodate low pH with coated pumps
and the use of polypropylene pipe.

The lab and sanitary force mains servicing the APCF are connected to existing lab
and sanitary waste piping approximately 650 feet from the APCF building. The lift
station design was permitted through the IEPA in fall 2011. Construction of the
APCF building and lift stations began in spring 2012.


United States Department of Energy
Argonne National Laboratory