TERRA engineered the sitework for this 0.40-acre wellness center and parking lot. The project site is located at the intersection of W. Chicago Avenue and Cicero Avenue in Chicago, IL. The asphalt parking lot is primarily used by employees and patients of the wellness center.

TERRA’s work included removal and replacement of asphalt surface course. TERRA evaluated the asphalt parking lot profile and subsurface conditions while using the results of said evaluation to designate areas for full depth asphalt pavement removal and replacement.

TERRA removed and replaced damaged portions of ornamental fence and barrier curb and also provided a new driveway apron to comply with current American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

TERRA’s evaluation, design, and installation was completed while maintaining access to the wellness facility and preserving the existing drainage conditions while complying with the existing stormwater management system.


SMNG-A Architects, Ltd.