TERRA is providing Phase I services for intersection improvements, repair and resurfacing of Central Avenue, the primary neighborhood collector roadway serving the northwest quadrant of the village.

Phase I services included Intersection Design Studies at Vollmer Road intersections with Central Avenue. The pavement section will be modified to incorporate bicycle sharrows throughout the project.

Central Avenue is crossed by both Butterfield Creek and a tributary, creating floodplain encroachments through much of the project. Bridge Condition Reports were prepared for the deteriorated culverts and needed repairs are defined. Floodplain impacts have been minimized.

Investigations of long-term plaguing pavement drainage problems identified deeply buried outlets into the tributary stream, necessitating wetland impact studies and channel improvement studies in an effort to resolve. The solutions identified cost-effective alternatives that minimized the environmental impacts.

The condition of the pavement necessitated a pavement evaluation to determine appropriate locations for patching and resurfacing verses reconstruction. Since the roadway had been constructed in conjunction with subdivision improvements over the course of six decades, pavement age has been appropriately factored into recommendations.

All findings and recommendations are presented in a Project Development Report.


Village of Matteson