TERRA is currently providing landscape architecture design services for the renovation of the historic Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA), a south side Chicago Public School which opened in 1940, that offers STEM and CTE programs. The project includes three phases of building and site improvements for the 22.6-acre site. TERRA also prepared a site master plan to assist in the overall project phasing and the incorporation of site program features being deferred until future funding is available.

TERRA is currently developing the construction documents for Phase One and Phase Two. The site improvements associated with these phases are focused on bringing the site into compliance with the Chicago Landscape Ordinance and ADA requirements.

TERRA has prepared schematic plans for the Phase Three site improvements. Improvements include the layout of new vehicular service drives, pedestrian walkways, siting of a greenhouse for the horticulture program, new service areas for trash and loading/receiving, and a permanent, secure outdoor logistics training area for the Navistar Program. Phase Three will also include a temporary football / soccer field where one wing of the existing building is being demolished.

The site master plan, prepared by TERRA, incorporates site improvements that CVCA plans to construct when future funding becomes available. The future improvements in the master plan include a new running track and bleachers, an artificial turf football/soccer field, a new 86-stall parking lot with landscape islands and screening, and a new service yard for trash collection and food delivery. Associated fencing and site landscaping are also included in the master plan to provide separation between the different site uses.


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