Driven by partnership of the City and County Parks department of Milwaukee, TERRA directed the comprehensive vision for the Copernicus Park Master Plan. Copernicus Park is a 20.4-acre Milwaukee County parkland located in a residential neighborhood. The park’s Master plan provides a design that focuses on mitigating localized flooding and storm water issues while serving as a recreational amenity for the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Master Plan documentation illustrates a summary of project goals, public input, environmental impact analysis, recommended park improvements, and implementation recommendations.

Overall the proposed park design is themed based on the park’s namesake, Nicolaus Copernicus, incorporating amenities such as educational signage, themed play, and geometric patterns all based on the scientific philosophies and discoveries of Nicolaus Copernicus. Additional park features include, improved walking paths and trails throughout the park, in accompany with exercise stations along the pathways to provide added fitness amenities. The storm water detention ponds provides features such as a sledding hill, accessible path ways down to an amphitheater seating, and open space for a youth soccer field. Educational signage throughout the park on storm water and native plantings, adds an additional educational component to the park. Landscape enhancements include a garden labyrinth, plantings around a centrally located festival plaza, and at improved park entrances. Proposed site furnishings include benches, lighting, open-air gazebo, festival plaza pergola, and a warming shelter. Environmental enhancements to Oak Creek, and the parks forest complete the many added park’s amenities.


City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee County Parks