TERRA is directing the comprehensive vision for the Dineen Park Master Plan. Dineen Park is a 59-acre community park owned and maintained by Milwaukee County, and located in a residential neighborhood on the northwest side of the City of Milwaukee. The park’s master plan provides a vision for long-term development that focuses on mitigating localized flooding and storm water issues while continuing to serve the recreational and environmental desires of the residents of the surrounding neighborhood. The master plan documentation illustrates a summary of project goals, public input, environmental impact analysis, recommended park improvements, and implementation recommendations.

The master plan project is being driven primarily by the need of the City of Milwaukee to address storm water flooding in the neighborhood. In addition to a new storm water detention facility, the master plan may include recommendations such as enhanced recreational opportunities, educational signage, themed play, and improvements to existing building facades, based on input received from the neighborhood. The project represents another opportunity for effective collaboration between the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.


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