TERRA completed a traffic and parking study in downtown Clarendon Hills. Centered around a Metra BNSF commuter rail station serving approximately 800 riders a day (2006 data), downtown Clarendon Hills has only one at-grade railroad crossing to serve the entire community. According to IDOT, approximately 3,250 motorists a day cross the railroad tracks at Prospect Avenue, frequently delayed by the approximately 140 trains a day using the BNSF line.

TERRA performed a traffic study comprised of nine intersection counts using Miovision video collection units (VCUs) to collect vehicular, cyclist, and pedestrian data. TERRA also performed a two-day parking study of 524 parking spaces throughout downtown Clarendon Hills, including business, residential, and commuter parking. The parking study involved collecting data on 20 minute intervals at every parking space throughout the area recording data on, parking restrictions, occupancy and turnover of each space and parking area. With this data, TERRA will perform a full traffic study of the area and recommend improvements to the Prospect Avenue railroad crossing and nearby intersections to improve vehicular flow and enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety. TERRA also recommended changes to the parking areas to make more efficient use of the available spaces to better meet the needs of the Village.


Public Building Commission of Chicago
Village of Clarendon Hills