In 2009, the Park District of Oak Park and TERRA Engineering began a lengthy public consultation process to develop a new multi-phased master plan to revamp the existing 2.8-acre Euclid Park.  Implemented in 2010, Phase 1 of the project included the complete reconstruction of the existing baseball field and corresponding facilities. TERRA worked closely with a local soils expert to evaluate the site’s existing soil conditions and prepared detailed plans to ensure the fill material brought to the site would enhance and promote the healthy nurture and growth of the outfield grass and plantings. TERRA’s design also provided for ease of maintenance, including a unique passive curb system that captures infield soil mix from spilling into player dugouts and spectator seating areas. The system ensures that the ball field material remains for its intended use and reduces the need for staff to sweep and pressure wash the surrounding promenade.


Altamanu, Landscape Architect