A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in front of Peoria’s Trewyn Junior High School on August 15 for TERRA’s Folkers Avenue Reconstruction design project.

At the intersection of Humboldt and Folkers, the ceremony featured speakers Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, 1st District Councilwoman Denise Moore, Peoria Public Schools’ Board of Education President Martha Ross, and Trewyn Principal Renee Andrews.

Each speaker echoed that this project has been a long time in the making, rejoicing in the completion of this project dream come true.

Councilwoman Denise Moore also highlighted that this project is all about the children who now can benefit in the safety of this completed project.

“The neighborhoods will not be forgotten,” was the project’s anthem, vocalized by the speakers.

The two block streetscape reconstruction included significant improvements to pedestrian safety and drainage. A tabletop intersection with curb extensions and marked crosswalks was added in front of the school’s entrance. Designated parking lanes with ADA accessible sidewalks and ramps were added to the student drop off / pick up zone. Pedestrian scale lighting, sidewalk furniture and landscaping were added to the two blocks of sidewalk in front of the school. The project lies within the City’s Combined Sewer Overflow area. Permeable pavers in the parking lanes will collect runoff and drain it through the existing sandy soil. A series off inlets and drywells will collect additional runoff and divert it away from the CSO. TERRA utilized 3D modeling as part of the design of the project.

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