The Harley Clarke Mansion is situated on a 4.7-acre site, with a large open front lawn, a long access driveway and scenic views of Lake Michigan through its abundance of east facing windows. The proposed site development and landscape plan aim to preserve and enhance the relaxing and secluded feel of the site while bringing new amenities that will provide the infrastructure required to produce a sound economic outlook for the future.

As a member of the project evaluation team TERRA has reviewed the site conditions pertaining to the purchase / lease of the Harley Clarke Mansion in Evanston. The proposed change in use will only be successful with ease of access and significant amount of additional parking. TERRA has evaluated several alternative parking options including surface parking and underground parking (above, split level, and underground parking alternatives). TERRA has also evaluated City of Evanston existing utilities to determine how any proposed change in use can tap existing infrastructure. These redevelopment requirements include access to larger water taps, new sanitary sewer connections as well as stormwater detention requirements.

The original Harley Clarke Mansion landscape design was by Jens Jensen, a pioneer in Midwest landscape design during the turn of the century. While the mansion and landscape has been significantly altered over the years, Jensen’s naturalistic design style, use of native plants, and trademark “council ring” and water feature is evident and presumed original to the design. For the majority of the site existing trees will be preserved and landscaping plantings around the building foundation, the stone water feature and along the woodland edge would be restored and celebrated as part of the project redevelopment. Other new features of the landscape design will be a new stone terrace off the back of the former conservatory to allow for outdoor functions to connect to the proposed Salon B. The entry drive to the front of the house and surface parking areas would be repaved with decorative permeable paving and serve as an integral part of the stormwater management strategy and provide an elegant entry the property.


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