TERRA collaborated with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and their athletic staff to make their dreams of transitioning from a natural lawn outdoor soccer facility to a new state-of-the-art synthetic turf system a reality. TERRA assisted IIT in applying for grant funds and worked closely with the general contractor to develop a budget for the project. Sustainable concepts were incorporated in to the site development is a high priority for both IIT and TERRA.

TERRA provided survey services including a topographic and boundary survey. TERRA’s other services included the civil and landscape design of the outdoor soccer facility. The major improvements included a new synthetic turf field, all new soccer equipment, and a new backstop surrounding the facility. TERRA and the general contractor worked hand-in-hand to determine value engineering opportunities, reducing the cost of construction by more than $200,000 by utilizing the adjacent lawn area for excess excavation, reducing the necessary soil haul-off. TERRA provided construction services throughout the project transforming the soccer facility into a beautiful, modern and low-maintenance facility.


Photos courtesy of Illinois Institute of Technology