TERRA Engineering Ltd. provided surveying, civil engineering and landscape architectural services for the IDVA development located at the southwest corner of N. Oak Park Avenue and W. Forest Preserve Drive in Chicago, Illinois. The site is located at the City of Chicago limits. The development includes approximately 5.5 acres of new building, parking lots, vehicular drop-off, landscaped courtyards and walkways.

Due to the site’s location on the City of Chicago limits there was limited utility infrastructure adjacent to the project development. To avoid construction of over 2,000 linear feet of a Chicago sewer extension, TERRA developed a stormwater management plan that utilizes the site’s existing drainage divides and discharge points. The existing discharge points include an IDOT drainage swale along Oak Park Avenue, IDOT combined sewer within W. Forest Preserve Drive and an IDNR Conservation Wetland, thru connection of the Read Hospital storm sewer network. The proposed development reduces the rate of stormwater runoff and improves water quality to all discharge points through a series of stormwater BMPs such as permeable pavers, infiltration trenches, and bioswales.

TERRA provided landscape services which included the design and layout of parkway and site landscaping. Site design elements include pedestrian walkways, three exterior courtyard spaces designed to create an extension of the building’s interior and two rooftop sensory garden spaces for resident use. The landscape design uses primarily native and adapted plantings providing an attractive, low maintenance and water efficient alternative to traditional landscaping.


Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs
Capital Development Board
Harley Ellis Devereaux
Pirtano Construction Company, Inc.