TERRA provided Phase III engineering services for the construction of a new interchange at the I-80 and Brisbin Road near Morris in District 3.

The new interchange was designed as a diamond interchange, requiring the construction of four ramps, two new structures, and one structure replacement. The existing structure that was carrying Brisbin Road over I-80 was two lanes wide and accommodated four lanes of I-80 traffic underneath. The replacement structure had the capacity to accommodate six lanes of I-80 traffic and carried four lanes of Brisbin Road. Of the two new structures, one was for the ramp from westbound I-80 onto Brisbin Road and the other was for the ramp from Brisbin Road onto eastbound I-80. The structures were needed in order to carry ramp traffic over the Collins Run waterway.

In addition to the new interchange, improvements to the adjacent intersection at Brisbin Road and U.S. Route 6 and the relocation of the Brisbin Road and North Road (TR 11) intersection were also included in the project.

TERRA provided a full-time inspector to assist the Resident Engineer with documenting and monitoring the construction. Some of the tasks the inspector was able to assist with included documentation, concrete testing, traffic control inspection, HMA yield checks and numerous other daily assignments.

New interchanges are not frequently added to the interstate system, so TERRA was pleased to be able to contribute to this important project.


Illinois Department of Transportation