Designed by Ludwig Meis Van Der Rohe, the IBM Building is one of Chicago’s
iconic buildings. This renovation project converted 14 floors of the historic tower
into hotel rooms. To accommodate guest loading and unloading, TERRA designed
a drop-off area at the building’s main entrance and garnered approval from the
CDOT Review Committee.

Due to its historic nature, TERRA was sensitive in its design for the drop-off area.
The existing granite pavement on-site was reused in order to maintain the integrity
of the site. TERRA also took special care in detailing the roadway, as it sits partially
on top of an existing bridge structure and existing parking structure. TERRA
conducted a traffic study at the site to determine the feasibility of providing
a U-turn cut in the median to accommodate valet and taxi traffic near the main
entrance by evaluating safety issues and available gaps in traffic. TERRA collected
traffic data at six locations around the hotel site and utilized the data to analyze a
bus loading site, valet service at two locations, and pedestrian crossings of State
and Wabash. In addition to improving the hotel’s vehicular access, TERRA’s design
improved the entry plaza’s accessibility with the addition of two new ADA ramps,
producing a grand entrance.

The project included deep utility work that consisted of a new sewer connection
to be installed 20 feet below the surface of the adjacent street. This effort required
extensive coordination with OUC and the contractor.


Goettsch Partners
Dacoord, LLC