TERRA is providing site engineering services for the new bed tower expansion project which scope includes the building addition, a depressed loading dock, new vehicular drop-off and revised ADA at the southern entryway. TERRA is working closely with the hospital on the southern entryway was configuration to ensure the new alignment will allow an elevation change that meets ADA-compliant grading and removes the staircase condition at the current entryway. The majority of the hospital’s current utility infrastructure will be relocated to allow for the proposed improvements and the existing boiler/electrical rooms to be relocated elsewhere on campus. All utility upgrades and improvements will be designed in phases and sequenced such that the hospital will remain functional and operative throughout the entire construction process. TERRA will continue collaboration efforts with the hospital, university, and local permitting agencies to provide options for master planning of the campus stormwater detention to allow for cost-effective and efficient solutions for this dense, urban campus.


Loyola University Health System
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