TERRA is providing civil engineering, traffic engineering and surveying services for the new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA). The 400,000 square-foot state-of-the-art museum and 285,000 square-foot parking structure will find a home on Chicago’s lakefront and become a part of the historic Museum Campus. TERRA’s staff will coordinate with representatives from LMNA, the City of Chicago and other design team members to develop innovative solutions for the project’s challenges including hydraulics, hydrology, utilities and traffic.

As part of the traffic study, TERRA collected traffic data throughout Chicago’s Museum Campus to determine how LMNA traffic would fit into the overall traffic picture around the museums. This included collecting data and evaluating the impacts of events at Soldier Field such as a Chicago Bears games and evaluating the impact of removing the existing parking lot and replacing it with a smaller parking structure. Work also includes coordination with Chicago Park District, Chicago Department of Transportation, other museums located on the campus and other agencies to help determine access location and traffic patterns around the new museum.


Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
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