In 2011, the Park District of Oak Park began efforts to restore the historic fence surrounding Mills Park, home of the National Historic Landmark, Pleasant Home. Originally part of the Pleasant Home Complex, the fence was designed by architect George Maher in 1897. Over a century later, the fence was deteriorated and in need of restoration to its finish, foundations, and limestone plinth. The restoration process involved the complete removal of the fence panels to an off-site location where they were restored and repainted. As the civil/structural engineer for the project, TERRA was responsible for the structural work including the replacement of sections of the existing dry stone foundations at selected columns and entrances in to the park, as well as resetting the limestone plinth on the existing dry stone foundations through the use of stainless steel dowels. Completed in three months, the restoration of the George Maher fence around Mills Park allowed the Park District of Oak Park to maintain the National Historic Landmark and continue to showcase a world class example of Prairie Style Architecture in Pleasant Home.


Garapolo Maynard Architects, Architect of Record
Midwest Fence, Fence Contractor
Restore Masonry, Masonry/Stone/Foundation Work