Terra Engineering, Ltd. acted as part of a Task Force established to prepare a set of Streetscape Guidelines that institute clear objectives and goals, directions and expectations for the development of new streetscape improvements in the City of Milwaukee.

The Task Force worked with community leaders and the general public to prepare a comprehensive document which gave the City of Milwaukee clear direction on how to organize a streetscape; including its functional requirements along with its elements.  The guidelines layout a step-by-step process for ensuring future streetscape improvements are reviewed by governing authorities and comply with the City’s direction.

The document was designed to be used as a “kit of parts” to help with future streetscape projects throughout Milwaukee.  This kit outlines desired standards for which future streetscapes will abide, including: appropriate streetscape elements, crosswalk and driveways, corner treatments and bump-outs, parking, loading and public transportation, universal design, crime prevention, vaulted sidewalks, medians and bicycle lanes.

The Milwaukee Streetscapes Guidelines was awarded the 2012 Best Planning Tool from the American Planning Association’s Wisconsin Chapter.


Terra was responsible for all aspects of the job.