TERRA was chosen by the City of Peoria to plan, design and oversee the construction of the Mossville Road Bike Path. This new 1,350-foot section of bike trail connects Sleepy Hollow Road to a new crossing at Knoxville Avenue, which connects to the existing city trail network with immediate access to residential and commercial areas to the west of Knoxville Avenue. This same project also provided for a 1,725-foot extension of the Alta Road Bike trail, from Churchill Drive to Knoxville Avenue.

Major crosswalks were provided at the Northminster Presbyterian Church entrance and a signalized pedestrian crossing was added the existing signalized intersection at Knoxville and Mossville Road. Signage, pavement markings and other safety features were provided as a part of the design.

TERRA developed or completed the following:

      Field survey of the general project area.


      Designed the safest route considering traffic patterns in the area.


      Meet with interested property owners.


      Prepared ROW documents.


      Prepared documents for County and IDOT Highway Permits.


      Prepared Bid Documents, including drainage structures, pedestrian signals, ADA appurtenances and other safety features.


    Provided construction, observation, coordination, QA/QC and documentation of contract quantities.


City of Peoria, Illinois