TERRA provided construction documents for a new surface parking lot that would offer parking for Mt. Sinai Health Center’s employees. The project was design to be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 included the complete construction of a 172-stall parking lot. TERRA provided the topographic and boundary survey, along with the civil / landscape drawings and specifications. TERRA sent the project out for bid and provided construction administration throughout the duration of the project.

The landscape portion of the project included interior plantings that consisted of species native to the area to reduce the need for extensive maintenance. The project also included the pruning of all existing parkway trees and replacement of dead or damages parkway trees.

The civil portion of the project included the development of a layout that both provided the maximum number of parking stalls and preserved several large healthy existing trees. The civil design allowed for detention required by the City of Chicago to be storage in an underground infiltration trench paired with surface ponding. This system was cost-efficient, eco-friendly and relatively maintenance free.

The site was equipped with new site lighting, emergency call boxes, surveillance cameras, and an automated entry and exit system.

Phase 1 was completed on time and on-budget in November of 2009. Phase 2 schedule will be determined based upon the users need for additional parking.


Mount Sinai Health System