MPEA McCormick HQ Hotel project consists of the development of a 2.26-Acre property bounded by E. 21St St. to the north, S. Prairie Ave. to the west, E. Cermak Rd. to the south, and S. Calumet Ave. to the east. In addition to the development of the property for a hotel, a 0.50-Acre property north of E. 21St St. for the creation of a pocket park is included in the scope of the Hotel project. The Hotel is a 40-story concrete framed building tower with a five-story structural steel and concrete base that is supported by concrete caissons bearing on dolomite bedrock. The primary use of the building is a hotel with garage, guestrooms, ballrooms, conference spaces, lobbies, and a restaurant. The new building and existing historic American Book Company (ABC) building, that is to remain, are connected at Levels 2, 3 and 4 by a walkway between the two buildings. Two steel-framed bridges connect to adjacent MPEA properties to the South and the MPEA Event Center to the west of the site.

MPEA Events Center project consists of the development of a 3.34-Acre property bounded by E. 21St St. to the north, S. Prairie Ave. to the east, E. Cermak Rd. to the south, and S. Indiana Ave. to the west. The McCormick Place Events Center project includes a building with a three-tiered seating bowl having open spectator seating, private suite seating boxes, concessions and support facilities. The building foundation consists of concrete caissons and shallow spread footings. The Events Center will be primarily used for DePaul University sponsored athletic & assembly events (10,455 fixed-seat capacity), and McCormick Place sanctioned concerts & assembly events (11,260 seat capacity, including removable seats at floor level). No exhibition uses are contemplated.

Both the MPEA McCormick HQ Hotel and MPEA Events Center projects consisted of the demolition of existing buildings, utilities, and at grade improvements within the limits at all three locations. TERRA worked with MPEA and the City of Chicago to design a large diameter, 100-Yr. capacity, storm sewer system that conveys stormwater runoff from the developments and connects to an existing MPEA owned 12-Ft. diameter stormwater tunnel. This tunnel conveys the stormwater runoff to Northerly Island where it is discharged to Lake Michigan. Installation of the storm sewer system under S. Prairie Avenue and E. Cermak Rd. is proposed to be accomplished by an auger bore method. Sanitary sewer services for the properties connect directly to the City of Chicago’s combined sewer system. All three locations also require potable water service.

TERRA performed civil engineering services for the projects. Civil engineering services included the creation of construction documents that included permit and construction plans and specifications. Drawing review and permits were obtained from the City of Chicago through the Department of Buildings (DOB) and City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) OUC deep foundation permit process.


Moody Nolan
Goettsch Partners, Inc.