The Oak Forest Heritage Preserve Parking Lot Improvements project consisted of the removal of an existing gravel parking lot and shooting range facility for the creation of an at grade asphalt parking lot and accessible multi-use trail to be connected to and constructed as part of the larger Oak Forest Heritage Preserve Trail Construction project. A 28-stall asphalt parking lot with 28-Ft. wide access drive from Fieldcrest Drive was planned based on input and coordination with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC). In addition to the asphalt parking lot, approximately 110-Ft. of 10-Ft. wide asphalt pavement multi-use trail was planned that connected up with the multi-use trail of the larger Oak Forest Heritage Preserve Trail Construction project.

TERRA performed civil engineering and surveying services for the project. Civil engineering services included the creation of construction documents that included permit and construction plans and specifications. Drawing review and permits were obtained from the Cook County Forest Preserve District and the Cook County Building & Zoning Department. TERRA also prepared a summary of quantities and an engineer’s estimate of probable construction cost as shown within the civil engineering documents.

TERRA’s surveying scope included topographic survey of the project area. The surveyed area was approximately 3.10-Acres in size. The topographic survey included survey of the existing gravel parking lot, asphalt parking lot and associated 1-story frame building, concrete target shooting lines and boxes, concrete masonry unit (CMU) towers, and existing trees and large shrubs.


Forest Preserve District of Cook County