The Oak Park Central Reservoir is a five-million gallon potable water storage facility located in Oak Park. The reservoir receives water from Lake Michigan which is pretreated in Chicago and piped to Oak Park. The Central Pumping Station, located next door to the reservoir, distributes the water throughout the Village. In total, Oak Park has four reservoir storage facilities with a total capacity to store 12.5 million gallons of potable water.

The Central Reservoir is located beneath an existing baseball field at Stevenson Park and is approximately 20 feet deep. Being the oldest reservoir in the Village, the overflow structure connected to the reservoir required modernization to meet current Illinois Environmental Protection Act (IEPA) requirements for potable water storage.

TERRA developed an innovative retrofit design that updated the reservoir’s overflow structure to meet the current requirements of the IEPA and MWRD. The new design incorporated commonly used utility structures in an innovative method as a means of lowering construction costs while still providing a system of passive safety checks to ensure the safety of the public water supply.

TERRA provided detailed engineered plan sets, permit coordination with IEPA, MWRD and the Village of Oak Park, contract bid documentation and contract bid analysis.


Village of Oak Park Public Works