The City of Old Monroe has received funding from the Missouri Department of Transportation through the Local Public Agency process to make improvements along Main Street. The existing street is very flat with drainage problems and sidewalks which do not meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements for access. The city plans to use the funding to install new sidewalks which are ADA compliant, new curbs, pedestrian lighting, storm water facilities and aesthetic enhancements.

TERRA worked with the City through the conceptual phase to discuss the ultimate plan for the four block Main Street Corridor. The Mayor and City Council provided their vision of what they would like to see incorporated into the streetscape. TERRA then created a concept that included all of the items discussed and estimated the cost of the overall improvements. TERRA then worked with the City to prioritize sections of the project to create an implementation plan and help the City determine what could be built with their current funding and what could be completed in subsequent phases with additional funding. TERRA is currently completing the final plans for the first phase of the project.


City of Old Monroe, Missouri