TERRA is the design engineer for the City of East St. Louis’ project to develop an inland river port facility as a major intra-modal distribution hub in the geographic center of the United States. The city was awarded funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide renovations and infrastructure at the site. TERRA’s work on this project includes topographic survey, data collection, traffic impact study, intersection design studies, roadway design, utility design and coordination, drainage studies, and environmental coordination. To meet the requirements of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), TERRA was required to provide engineering solutions for entrances off of existing Illinois Route 3 and a future Route 3 which has yet to be constructed. TERRA analyzed multiple access point locations and made recommendations based on numerous factors including traffic flow, economic development impact, accessibility and utility conflicts. The project requires coordination with numerous governmental agencies including IEPA, IDNR, USACE, IDOT, MESD, and ICC among others to obtain the permits and signoffs needed for the construction.


City of East St. Louis