TERRA prepared planning studies and design plans for 2,000 feet of sidewalks on both sides of Roosevelt Road (IL Route 38) between Michigan Avenue and Ardmore Avenue. Phase I work included an accident study and traffic study to justify the project need and qualification for CMAQ funding. A feasibility study was performed to identify construction obstacles, determine appropriate design variances, limit right-of-way impacts and estimate construction costs. Phase II work required an ADA-compatible walkway across numerous commercial driveways and a small stream. Various short and moderately high retaining walls were required. Value engineering principles were applied to incorporate a cost effective modular retaining wall system and to limit the amount of right-of-way needed to construct the walls. Floodway encroachments were creatively avoided at the stream crossing. Existing traffic signals were upgraded to incorporate pedestrian signal faces and an ADA-accessible means of activation. Right-of way plats for 10 parcels were prepared and their purchase negotiated. Some landscaping improvements are being incorporated into the project where space permits, within the limited state highway right-of-way. TERRA provided Phase III Construction Engineering Services during 2012, adapting readily to changed IDOT traffic signal and ADA standards that were implemented after the project was bid.


Village of Villa Park