The Park District of Highland Park is constructing new family changing rooms, outdoor showers, concession stand, lifeguard and first aid station, and an interpretive center, all connected by a wooden boardwalk at the base of a bluff along Lake Michigan. Similarly, the Army Corps of Engineers are removing the existing steel groynes and constructing new breakwaters with a combination of stone and sheet pile. The new breakwaters will create three beach cells to which 45,000 cubic yards of sand will be added. The breakwaters, extending 200 feet into the lake, will provide erosion protection that supports dune structures and native plantings central to the USACE restoration project. The addition of landside revetments will add supplementary beach protection and enable the breakwaters to be lower in height preserving the coveted lake views. A new parking lot, water and sanitary services are also being brought to the beachside.


Park District of Highland Park
David Woodhouse Architects, LLC