The Schiller Model Airplane Flying Field project consisted of removing, reconfiguring, and realigning the existing grass model airplane runway and helicopter landing pad and replacing 300 feet of the grass runway and landing pad with an asphalt runway. In addition to the runway and landing pad improvement, the project also involved parking lot improvements and inclusion of an accessible asphalt path from the parking lot to the new flying field. Through coordination efforts with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) and the Radio Signal Modelers RC Flying Club (RSM), an asphalt pavement runway 50 feet wide by 300 feet long with an additional 200 feet of expanded grass runway was planned and created. Runway improvements also included a 30-foot-long grass taxiway, relocation of nine wood RC model stations, creation of one accessible wood RC model station, a 50-foot diameter grass helicopter landing pad, an accessible asphalt walking path from the parking lot to the flying field, and reconfiguration and drainage improvements for a 22-space parking lot.

TERRA performed both civil engineering and surveying services for the project. Civil engineering services included the creation of construction documents that included permit and construction plans and specifications. Drawing review and permits were obtained from the FPDCC, the Cook County Building & Zoning Department, and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). TERRA also prepared a summary of quantities, engineer’s estimate of probable construction cost, assisted the FPDCC during the bid process, and conducted punch lists during construction.

TERRA’s surveying scope included topographic survey of the project area. The surveyed area was approximately 18.07 acres in area. The topographic survey included survey of the existing asphalt parking lot and striping, grass airplane flying field and outside limits, location of the east and west tree line, and the full right-of-way (ROW) of W. Irving Park Rd. adjacent to the project.


Forest Preserve District of Cook County