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Combining knowledge of GIS with real-world field experience, TERRA’s GIS team provides unique insight into how geospatial data can be leveraged to make work environments more productive and information accessible and usable. The GIS staff at TERRA has a broad background in GIS, data and asset management, and utilities for both the public and the private sectors.

To ensure quality service in this rapidly evolving field, TERRA’s staff stays current with emerging GIS technology through workshops and training. We are eager to share our knowledge with clients through discussions about specific project needs.  The GIS department at TERRA offers the following services:

Public Works

  • Conversion of paper or CAD files to vector data for GIS
  • Mapping and attribution of streets and sewer and water utilities
  • Modeling and analysis for assessment of current infrastructure and future demands

Traffic Analysis

  • Speed delay studies using mobile GIS and GPS (see ISTHA Speed Delay)
  • Route determination for detours (see sample)
  • Database maintenance for historical ADTs
  • Graphic displays of traffic analyses
  • Parking space utilization

Emergency Response

  • Public safety
  • Location studies for facility placement
  • Routing and response analysis

Land Use Planning/Economic Development

  • Mapping of current developments and land use
  • Corridor studies for new-terrain thruways
  • Analysis of census data for demographic studies
  • Facility placement based on needs analysis

Data management/Asset Management

  • Build Data Models
  • Catalog, update and maintain current datasets
  • Creation of new datasets
  • Implement Asset Management program to ensure effective and efficient use of personnel and data

For more information on GIS services, contact the TERRA GIS Department via email or phone 312.467.0123.


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