TERRA provided site development services for the renovation of 5757 S. University Avenue on the University of Chicago campus (formerly known as Friedman Center). The existing building spans across a City of Chicago alley that will be vacated during the project and provides elevated courtyards along the 58th Street frontage. The building will extend to meet the vacated alley grade and provide an underground stadium classroom beneath the courtyard area. The courtyard will be improved with new ADA accessible ramps, amphitheater seating area, and landscape planters. Due to the alley vacation the project will dedicate a new east-west alley, connecting to Woodlawn Avenue. The project is pursuing LEED gold, and thus the site has addressed improvements to the stormwater quantity leaving the site.

TERRA worked closely with the project team to develop a stormwater detention system for the improvements under tight site restraints. The stormwater management system includes an infiltration tank, permeable paver access road, and underground detention vault to accommodate the 100-year event for disturbed areas. As a space-efficient and cost-saving solution the detention tank was provided within the limits of stair foundation walls at the courtyard. TERRA coordinated, with plumbing, the re-route of existing downspouts to detention areas based on available storage and area of roof runoff. A green alley will be provided for the newly dedicated alley, and will manage its own 10-year storm event. Infiltration rates of the native sandy soils were capitalized on to minimize the required detention on both the site and dedicated alleyway.

TERRA is providing construction services for the project including site observations during civil design installations, review of product submittals, and coordinate with the design team to respond to RFIs as the project continues into the construction phase.


Images courtesy of Ann Beha Architects