TERRA was selected as part of a design team to assist the City of Peoria in project development studies and design plans, specifications and estimates for roadway improvements in the City of Peoria. The proposed improvement consisted and public involvment for the redesign and reconstruction of the streets, intersections, utilities and sidewalks within the Warehouse District in order to create a livable and walkable public infrastructure that is appropriate for the development of a mixed-use neighborhood.

TERRA’s Phase I involvement in this project consisted of traffic data collection, leading the public involvement process, and preparation of a traffic impact study. The Phase II work included design of a new roadway including all geometry, design of new ADA compliant walkways and ramps, new curbs and gutters, storm sewers, striping plans, grading plans, project specifications and cost estimates.

TERRA was also selected to to perform Phase II construction inspection service for the TIGER II Project. TERRA utilized Miovision Automated Traffic Data Collection Systems which utilize video cameras to collect traffic data including data on vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and other modes of travel. These state of the art cameras allow data to be collected with a very high rate of accuracy.

As part of the Phase II work, TERRA developed roadway plans, specifications and estimates as part of a large consultant team and was responsible for several roadways in the project area, including ensuring compliance with all ADA requirements. TERRA provided a resident engineer and construction inspectors to perform construction inspection and documentation services to meet City and IDOT requirements.


City of Peoria