Folkers Avenue

Folkers Avenue

Specialities: Landscape Architecture, Transportation Engineering, Site Development


Year: 2017

Location: Peoria, IL

Size: 0.23 miles

TERRA coordinated with the City of Peoria and Trewyn School to design two blocks of Folkers Avenue. The project’s purpose was increasing pedestrian safety by the school and reducing the combined sewage overflow (CSO). The project also reconstructed and re-plumbed an existing storm sewer to reduce load on CSO. This was accomplished using permeable paver parking lanes and drywells. The parking lanes sit on 4-foot deep stone layer to store 10-year-flood stormwater,
and below the stone layer is sandy soil to drain.

TERRA’s improvements included:

  • Table top (speed table) to
    the existing intersection

  • Pavement structure reconstruction

  • Curb and gutter

  • New curb bump
    outs at intersections