Lincoln Park Zoo Exhibits

Lincoln Park
Zoo Exhibits

Specialities: Site Development


Year: 2012-Present

Location: Chicago, IL

Size: Varies

TERRA is providing site development services for Lincoln Park Zoo’s multi-year campaign to update their zoo experience. As a part of this effort, the zoo is revamping a large portion of their northern campus defined as three projects: West Entry, Bear Line and Lion House (Macaque, Sea Lion, Polar Bear, Penguin, Savannah and Lion House exhibits).

TERRA is responsible for:

  • Calculations

  • Engineering of Site Utilities to service the new exhibits

  • Site Utility Demolition

  • Stormwater Management Design

As a part of our services, TERRA is peer reviewing the project’s pavements and grading as designed by others on the team for conformance with engineering best practices and applicable codes. TERRA is incorporating sustainability with numerous stormwater BMPs such as permeable paving, dry creek beds and green roofs which capture, treat and promote the infiltration of stormwater.