Riyadh Traffic Monitoring & Analysis

Riyadh Traffic Monitoring
& Analysis

Specialities: Traffic Engineering, GIS


Year: 2014-2017

Location: Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia

Size: TBD
(700, 500, 250, 44 sites?)

TERRA provided the Arriyadh Development Authority with traffic engineering and GIS services for an aggressive 3-year program to collect citywide traffic data in Riyadh, the capital and most populous city in Saudi Arabia. TERRA collected traffic data using various types of state-of-the-art equipment. The counts included temporary duration locations using road tubes at 700 sites, automated video traffic data collection systems at 500 sites and radar traffic microwave sensors (RTMS) at 250 sites.

TERRA designed and installed 44 permanent counting stations to provide real time vehicle data, as well as developing a GIS database system that places all the traffic data on maps. TERRA provided detailed reports along with suggestions for improvement at six-month intervals including evaluating how the development of the Riyadh Metro system will influence traffic patterns.