Lancaster Road Bridge over West Branch of Lamarsh Creek

Lancaster Road Bridge over West Branch of Lamarsh Creek

Specialties: Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources


Years: 2014 - 2017

Location: Peoria County, IL

Size: 115-foot, single-span, plate-girder bridge

TERRA provided Phase I and II engineering services for the replacement of the structure carrying Lancaster Road over the West Branch of Lamarsh Creek, near Bartonville, Illinois. The project’s purpose was to replace a deteriorated bridge structure to improve the adjacent roadway by widening the lanes and shoulders, and to improve the roadway profile west of the bridge.

Phase I services included data collection; topographic and hydraulic surveys; hydraulic modeling and analysis for the waterway and bridge; scour analysis; and the preparation of the type, size and location (TS&L) studies needed for the bridge replacement and for a retaining wall. The hydraulic analysis was performed using HEC-RAS for the existing condition with the existing three-span bridge, and also for the proposed condition where both three-span and single-span bridge options were considered. The recommended proposed bridge structure was a 115-foot-long, single-span plate-girder bridge supported on integral abutments. The Hydraulic Report and the TSL were prepared and approved. The Project Development Report and permitting documents were prepared. The proposed retaining wall was needed to retain the new roadway embankment.

Phase II services included the preparation of the design documents for the replacement structure, MSE retaining wall, roadway improvements with adjacent entrances, guardrail, storm sewer and drainage modifications, and maintenance of traffic.