National Park Master Plan

National Park Master Plan

Specialties: Landscape Architecture


Years: 2017 - 2019

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Size: N/A

The National Park Master Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides a guide and framework for the formalization and development of Saudi Arabia’s National Parks over the next decade. In concert with the Vision 2030 Plan, many new parks and natural resources can become accessible to the general population and international visitors. With clear vision and context for the new parks and their development, solicitation of private partners and a strategy for investment in these lands.

The Master Plan identifies a vision for each of the initial 25 selected parks and the data to support investment decisions with clear projections of visitation based on accessible population and projected user demand. The Master Plan also identifies the steps necessary to initiate implementation of the park plans. These priorities for implementation include:

  • Understanding and planning the land for development – Creating site specific management and development plans

  • Develop lodging, infrastructure and programming facilities

  • Creating an operations plan for the facilities

  • Public programs and experiences

  • Developing a marketing plan / campaign